DEFEATING THE GIANTS … fight the good fight.    slingstones

We all battle giants every day. Whether you are fighting weeds, pests, heat or hail, you face challenges that often feel epic in proportion. An inch-long worm may actually represent a hungry horde poised to devour your crop. We understand many of the challenges you face in your daily operation, and that’s why we offer a variety of choices from a family-owned seed business with roots three-generations deep.

We provide face-to-face service so that we can give you the hybrids and the tools you need. We’re committed to helping you defeat your giants by providing the productstools, and service you need to continue to succeed and thrive.

There’s a good, old story that always gives me great courage in the face of my giants. Armed with only a sling and a handful of stones, a young shepherd takes down his menacing opponent. But our young hero is victorious! He knows how to wield the tools in his faithful hands.

We know that using the right tools for the right jobs will make us victorious. And, that’s why we spend 100% of our time in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, & Virginia to select the best genetics for your farm.

Choosing seed is a farmer’s most important decision. We understand that you have questions. Feel free to call us or email us at our Waco, Texas, office. We’ll offer everything we have to help preserve the traditions, values and independence that you hold dear.

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